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mixed media on textiles , tapestry,

A special place in my work have tapestries – because of the absolutely unlimited interplay of pattern, color and texture – there is no other medium where this trinity is so fully realized. The aim of my work with tapestries is subverting traditional imagery and rewriting the fabric’s narrative with mixed mediums like thread, mettalic foil, painting, sewed ornamental trimmings, collaging of pieces of fabrics, jewels, vintage bottons, beaded pearls, lace, applied textile flowers, feathers, crystals. Classic tapestry patterns chronicle the lives of the bourgeoisie romancing. dancing, picnicking, gardening and they are very dense with imagery.

What I intend with my work is to inverse this idea, focusing on single motifs to be embellished and creating a whole new context. The neutral, pastoral and often bland scenes are converted in modern, bold, daring, surprising, romanticly surreal almoast fantastic new world. The normality and quietness of the traditional imagery are covered with trees made of pearls, flying jeweled birds, animals dressed in patterned fabrics, water made of chains, ladies and their loving man dressed with laces, clothes made of metalic foil, tree dimensional flowers popping, forests made of vintage jewels.. One has to take a closer look, to spend time with the fabric, in order to unravel what’s going on. I am very much into the spontaneity of the process – I may begin with general idea or a theme for a piece, but much of my work happens very much in the moment. It is a slow process that resembles a new beginning, building a new relationship that needs time to mature, to open and show its new unique identity. As every tapestry is unique.

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