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Deconstruction and resynthesis of traditional women craft clothes in contemporary visual art.

A love of unconventional relationships, and an aptitude for arrangement, for combining layers,

materials and fabrics that interact and interplay.

In keeping with the multi-ethnic allure that permeates all of ITA,s works, the collection

takes its cue from her North Macedonian roots, who uses traditional Slavic-Macedonian

women’s clothing with Byzantine imprint as a raw material.

The women traditionally produced their dresses by hand, creating subtle variations that would embellish an otherwise ordinary item of clothing, denoting the regional and cultural affiliation of the wearer.

Trasposizioni was born from the twofold desire to reinterpret these high quality garments in a contemporary key, and to give them new meanings and functions.

ITA deconstructs and reassembles them at will, investigating their unexpressed potential, and transforming them into three different tapestries, which bear family names – Vera (115 x 165 cm), Evgenija (116 x 180 cm) and Aspasija (75 x 190 cm), in homage to the ancestors of her country.

In the re-elaborated textures, fragments of clothing, shreds of sleeves, collars, embroidery and ribbons are intertwined with gold, bronze and silver foil – as an omage to the Bysantine influense. Refined details and folkloric ornaments hand-painted by the artist. The result is a heterogeneous but coherent composition, recognizable to a careful eye and yet original.

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