arazzo, lady
arazzo, top, crystals and foil
arazzo, top_edited
il fondo_edited
arazzo, black crystal and frame
tapestry, frame and funghi
tapestry, flower and frame
tapestry, crystal and feather
tapestry, crystals, foil
arazzo, fungo
tapestry, funghi
tapestry: lady's dress
tapestry, lady's shoe
tapestry, decolte'
tapestry: lady with earing
tapestry: lady's dress
tapestry, lady with neckless
tapestry: gentlemen belt
, church, frame, black crystal
tapestry: angel and crystal
tapestry: bird on a branch
tapestry, crystal and lilly
tapestry, crystal and feather
tapestry with crystal
tapestry: lady with a feather mask
tapestry, flower application
tapestry, bird on a branch