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Ita creates  distinctive interior pieces for those drawn to the beautiful and unexpected.

It fully expresses the world of Margarita Aleksievska Sclavi - Ita.

The various cultures she grew up and lives in formed her multi layered intuitive approach.  Born and grew up in Macedonia, was educated and lived internationaly , while in the past 20 years lives in Rome, Italy. Having also London as a important creative and cultural refference Ita comleted an Interior decoration Cource with English designer Abygail Ahern and has also completed a short school for Hand painting and printing for Wallpaper and Textiles at the Central Saint Martins in London.


As long as she recalls of herself she was fascinated by arts, decoration and all the beauties of the World. While pusuing her vocation as psychiatrist, Ita  discovered that arts  as aeshetics may not only be decorative, but also a vehicle of a personal imaginative narration.


" Everyone has a story to unlock." 

A home is a sourse of our creativity essential for human happiness.


Let her collection allow you to experience the sense of exploration, eclecticism and intrigue within your own home.


Ita's fascination of traditional and contemporary arts and decoration lead her focusing primary on textiles . But she will passionately draw on any surface that inspires.  Thats how come to life hand painted natural textiles ( silk, linen, cotton, hemp) for soft furnishing and uphoulstery, runners, wall panels, cuscions, curtain, paravans…And then murals,wallpaper and tapestries.


Therefore Ita’s  crations are bespoke, one of a kind. Using delicate pen and brush she is exited by the challenge of transfering illustrations into patterns for surface decoration.

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